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Sassy, Go Go (A Review)

Aside from my current ongoing dramas, Suspicious Partner and Fight For My Way, I’ve also finished one completed drama just recently. It’s Sassy, Go Go which was aired on KBS2 way back 2015.

This is going to be my very first kdrama review so please bear with me. But just for the record, I am no expert in giving critiques. I am not even the critic type of a kdrama fan. I basically judge kdramas based on (1) how it made me feel, (2) how effective the plot and the characters are (or to me at least), and (3) if I actually enjoyed it.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet so please bear with me.


(Credits to KBS2 for the photo.)

Title: Sassy, Go Go (also known as Cheer Up!)

Date Released: October – November 2015

Episodes: 12

Genre: Teen Romance Drama

Network: KBS2

Cast: Jung Eun Ji, Lee Won Keun, Chae Soo Bin, Cha Hak Yeon, Ji Soo

Plot: The story revolves around the lives of five high school students as they tried to survive the academic elitism that’s taking place in the elite school that they’re in.


So basically, what I like about the drama are…



I like the plot. It’s light and fun to watch yet it was able to clearly deliver its message to the audience.

The drama was able to tackle some really important issues about life in such a way that it won’t feel too heavy on the audience. It was able to maintain the ‘good vibes’ amidst the ‘really big issues’.

The drama will also remind you on how fun high school was, no matter what the circumstances are.


(Credits to KBS2 for the photo.)


I love almost everyone in the drama, even the supporting characters.

The difference in the attitude of the main characters gives the whole drama the balance it needed. Plus, you can somehow relate to one of the characters, no matter what type of person you are.

The best thing about this drama is, it gives the ‘villain’ the chance to redeem herself. I mean, Chae Soo Bin’s character (this is not a spoiler promise since it has always been evident since episode 1 that she’s the ‘bad girl’ in the group) will make you hate her at first but then, towards the end of the drama, you’ll eventually understand her own struggles.



I love the ending. As I’ve said, kudos to the writer for giving the ‘villain’ the chance to redeem herself. Plus, it didn’t leave any loose end unresolved (or none that I’ve noticed). It was able to give everybody their own ‘happy ending’. And I love happy endings, yey!


(Credits to KBS2 for the photo.)

So If I were to pick some favorite scenes or characters, it would be…



I have a lot of favorite scenes in the drama. But aside from the ‘sweet moments’ between the main leads, I like the part when they performed cheerleading during their school’s field day. That scene was really touching. I don’t want to elaborate on that as to avoid giving spoilers.



I think that would be Kim Yeol (Lee Won Keun). He’s so cool. I mean, he’s really smart but not in a nerdy way. Plus I like the ‘positive vibes’ he brings all throughout the drama. He’s the perfect epitome of keeping-it-cool-even-if-everything-sucks. He’s always ‘chill’ and smiling no matter what.  He also tackles every problem that comes his way in a logical manner. He’s mature for his age yet he knows how to have fun and enjoy life.

I think I like Kwon Soo Ah (Chae Soo Bin), too. Her character left in impression on me. She’s very effective in portraying the ‘bad girl’. I love her and hate her at the same time.

Special mention to Ji Soo, by the way. I mean why on earth Ji Soo looks so handsome here in Sassy, Go Go?! I’ve seen him in Page Turner, Scarlet Heart, and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and I always find him cute. However, I think he’s most handsome here in Sassy, Go Go. He looks so fresh here.


Anyway, for the LESSONS OF THE STORY, I think it’s to:

(1) enjoy life as it is,

(2) understand that there’s more to life than good grades, and

(3) realize that you cannot correct a mistake with another mistake.

And as for the parents, to:

(1) think about your child’s well-being first before anything else.




(1) Are the plot and characters effective?

Yes. Or for me at least. 


(2) Did I enjoy it?

Obviously, yes.


(3) Will I recommend it?

Absolutely YES!


(Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. Photos belong to its rightful owner. This blog post is for entertainment purposes only. Enjoy reading!)


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